In the 21st century we face a fundamental challenge: How do we live, work, learn and play in a world that is increasingly turbulent, fast-changing, unpredictable and chaotic?

  • How do we adapt ourselves to a world that has become intimately interconnected and deeply interdependent?
  • How do we adapt meaningfully and productively to the new realities?
  • How do we make complexity make sense?


We begin by seeing the world anew — by seeing things as they are, not as they were —  by reshaping our mental picture of the world to sync with the way the world works today.

C60 is dedicated to guiding individuals, groups and organizations in the process of transitioning from a mechanistic Industrial Age mindset to a spherical Digital Age perspective, which can only be accomplished through better communication, deeper understanding and richer visualization.

In order to make our lives more well-rounded it is necessary that we see the connections, interdependencies and formative dynamics at work in the spheres of our lives, our families, our communities and our organizations.

Only then can we exert positive influence and make productive contributions.

Being understood is our greatest challenge.
Understanding others is our one true solution.